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Sunday School Teacher's Training

Sunday School Teacher's Training has Dramatic Results

In your next Sunday School Teacher's Training equip your teachers to include the 7 Ingredients of a Transformational Lesson.

The majority of your teachers have probably received very little educational training over the course of their life, so when you invest just a few hours in your Sunday school teacher's training, the results tend to be dramatic. The majority of teachers welcome training opportunities, and when they learn how to grab their listeners’ attention with the lesson’s introduction, how to keep attention throughout the lesson, how to convince listener’s of the passage’s truths, and how to challenge listeners to change their life . . . well . . . they get excited and their effectiveness as a teacher grows exponentially.

Sunday School Teacher's Training Vs. Public School Teacher Training

Of course, some of your teachers may have some previous Sunday school teacher training. The question is, did the training focus on how to teach the head/mind or on how to teach the head and the heart? Much of the teacher's training I’ve seen centers around teaching the head only. It’s the type of training you would receive if you were going to teach in the public school system. It assumes teachers provide information, such as dates, facts, theories, principles, and more. Consequently, unless you train your teachers otherwise, when they become a Sunday school teacher, they likewise assume they are suppose to provide information pertaining to biblical events, dates, background material, Old Testament history, New Testament customs, theology, and more. All good stuff, but Jesus calls us not to give information, but to make disciples.

Sunday School Teacher's Training Training and Teaching Resources

A Primary Goal of Sunday School Teacher's Training

So, during your Sunday School teacher's training, one primary goal will be to explain the difference between teaching the head only (which results is making pharisees) and teaching the head and the heart (which results in making disciples). You need to explain that the goal is always on “teaching them to obey.” You can help them shift their goal from information to transformation.

All teachers agree we need to clearly teach biblical truths and principles, but the most effective teachers are always aiming for transformation. Their goal is interpretation, contemplation, explanation, application, and finally, transformation. Matthew 28:20 calls us to be Transformational Teachers, not simply Informational Teachers. It is a calling to transform the heart, not simply inform the mind. Matthew 28:19-20 is a foundational verse for your Sunday school teacher's training:

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

Sunday School Teacher's Training Resources

One great resource for your next Sunday school Teacher's Training is the Teaching Them To Obey series. The series will show your teachers how to teach both the head and the heart using a step-by-step, biblically grounded, tested, and proven approach. They will learn how to improve the listener’s comprehension and understanding, but more importantly, how to help listeners accept and obey the truth. As they learn to replace informational or educational lessons with life-altering transformational ones, the impact of their teaching ministry will ripple from person to person to person.

Use the Teaching Them To Obey series for your next Sunday school Teacher's Training

Sunday School Teacher's Training Tip
Information and Explanation are foundational to our teaching, but transformation is the goal.

The Teaching Them To Obey series is designed to simplify the process of training your teachers by giving you resources you can cover in a linear fashion. Each seminar within the Teaching Them To Obey series builds upon previous ones so teachers have a linear path for developing more and more advanced teaching skills. The series equips teachers to teach both the head and the heart by giving them simple, practical teaching techniques and methods. Visit our store so you are ready for your next Sunday school teacher's training event.

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